Modern Farmhouse: Revised First Floor Layout

Oakwood Remodel First Floor Plan.jpeg

We worked with Architect Courtney Rombough to flesh out the new layout.  After several rounds of revisions, we finally landed on a “not quite” open concept.  The clients really wanted to retain the separate dining room for their big holiday dinners, so we worked within the existing footprint to combine the original kitchen, bedroom, and full bath to make the big kitchen/family room they wanted.  

The first thing was to move the entrance to the basement stairs.  Originally, the entrance was through the kitchen, however, it made having a long run of cabinetry impossible.  Moving the entrance to the foyer solved this problem.  

The end of the foyer had previously been a small coat closet with a super low ceiling.  We reworked the layout so that instead, it served as a landing to the basement stairs with pretty lighting guiding the way.  Now that we had a large run of cabinets and the 48” range they loved, we could fit their HUGE island. This one is massive and GOREGOUS! It allows for 4 people to sit across for dinner, which was important since they had to forgo a kitchen seating area.  

You can see by the arrows, that we still ended up tweaking this design before landing on the final plan.  We eliminated the cabinets along the back of the house where beautiful tall windows overlook the backyard. Even with removing these bottoms, there still was plenty of storage space.  We also widened the powder room and moved the door to the living room.  Instead of walking into a “mudroom,” we built a wall of custom tall cabinets that faced into the kitchen. Now we had enough space to make one big coat closet with shoe storage below (a must, if you ask me!) and a large utility closet to store all your cleaning supplies and any large items. The living room on the other side of the foyer stayed relatively unchanged. The Modern Farmhouse was taking shape!

Below are some progress shots: